We won three trophies namely for

  • Best design
  • Best Aesthetics
  • Runner-up Innovations


All of us in this team started as people having very less knowledge in our feilds but after a lot of exposure, brainstorming and training we all had mastered a skill-set.

Strategic Planning

In order to achieve what we had done, just having a skill-set wasn't enough. We had to plan according to the time and resources available.



TI attempted. Weighted in as a light kart at 96 kgs.Dissasem event completed.


Safety OK, TI Ok BT OK. Business plan presented. Disassem done.


Skidpad, Autocross and design evaluation done.


Endurance friendly lap completed. Live stream cancelled due to technical difficulties.Won best aesthetics and best design. Runner-up in innovations.

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The GKDC (Go-Kart Design Challenge) is an intercollegiate event organized by ISNEE (Indian Society of New Era Engineers) in which teams that represent colleges from all over India are required to design and fabricate their own kart, which are evaluated and tested with the final round being held in Coimbatore. Participating in this competition not only gives immense practical knowledge which can’t be acquired within the walls of a classroom, but also teaches how to work as a team, leadership and other soft skills. We, Team Turbocrafters, comprise of 10 members. Our aim is to win the GKDC by fabricating the most efficiently designed and innovative kart. This requires us to work at a very high level, with efficiency and team work. For this, we follow a set of guidelines named Team Turbocrafters Principles (TTP). Management plays a key role in a person’s life. TTP helps in getting the work done in an organized manner, following a systematic code, while valuing the opinion and feedback of each member if the team. Each member is given specific tasks according to their area of interest and capacity. On the basis of the results from these tasks, each member is evaluated constantly and given tips to improve themselves in certain areas. This develops the personality of each member, thus enabling us to create responsible engineers of the future. Our will to win the GKDC strengthened following the loss of the previous year. We learnt from the mistakes we committed and rectified it. We aspire to exceed all expectations and become the most successful team in the history of GKDC.

3-D Model

Casador By Shreemun Pranav Modelo »


Roshan Parde
Team Manager

Rikin Nanote

Vinay Thakur

Saurab Rao
Market Analyst

Omkar Devadiga

Anirudh Kasivishvanathan

Jeevan Sunny

Ritwik Ashtamoorthy

Shreemun Pranav
Embedded Systems

Samarth Patil